Michaela Aerial

Michaela is professional performing aerialist and a passionate instructor originally from Czech republic. She has been traveling all around Europe for more than 15 years performing and growing as an artist.

She is a resident performing artist at the Supper Club Amsterdam, aside from performing at all kind of well known events such as Crazyland, Tomorrowland, Pussylounge, Decibel and many others.
When performing, her strongest assets are her naturally feminine execution, seemingly effortless flow in the air or on the ground, and ability to capture audience attention from beginning till the end. Her intention is to entertain, surprise and create beautiful, unique performances. Watching her perform will make you feel the passion she owns for dance and life itself.

Michaela is an educated pole/aerial instructor, teaching regular classes at Pole inspiration studio Rotterdam and giving diverse workshops internationally. When teaching classes she is focused not only on moves and technique itself, but mostly on her students safety and therefore flexibility, mobility, proper conditioning, strengthening and injury prevention.

Furthermore, she also owns her own webshop selling handmade women's sportswear and accessories for aerialists. See www.miiwear.nl for more information.

Available for:
Aerial Hammock performances
Aerial Hoop performances
Pole performances
Go-go dancing
Video clips
Stage Makeup artist

Aerial Hammock
Aerial Hoop
Pole in different styles